Babolab is a specialized tennis shop.
It has 2 machines that make it really special.


Babolab Shop

Babolat Sensor Stringing Machine

The Babolat Sensor Dual Stringing Machine is the fruit of four years of research and development work, offering a more ergonomic work station, a more user-friendly machine, and fast, reliable stringing. The revolutionary mounting clamps allow easier access to the racquet holes through strategically placed cutouts in the clamps themselves.

This and many more features make this machine one of the best providing top precision stringing for our costumers.

Babolat Racket Diagnostic Center

The Babolat RDC Racquet Diagnostic Centre stringing machine ensures a precise diagnosis of the racket’s playing characteristics including power, control and handling. This electronic racket diagnostic centre enables users to accurately measure the stiffness of the frame, racket head rigidity, dynamic string tension, swing weight of the frame, balance point of the frame, as well as weight of the frame. Thanks to this high quality machine you are also able to assess the condition of the strings in the frame.

Once we have the information, we help by providing data driven recommendations for our customers.

The work sales is highly educated and prepared in terms of the technical aspects of the game and equipment. We provide all the products Babolat offers. If we do not have it in inventory, we will order it right away for the costumer. If you want an appointment with our experts, please email us to organize it.

We are a certified Babolat store, so we can guarantee returns, costumer service, etc.

Babolab Shop

Babolab Shop

We always have special offers, but they change all your around.

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