Rodney and Ruben co-founded Base Tennis in September 2010.
BASE TENNIS is the idea of two people that are thankful for all tennis has given them. Today, BASE is a reality and we will continue to share the love for the game and help the people become the best they can be on and off the court. Tennis can and will open doors for you that you have never dreamed of… Believe us! We are a living proof of it! And we are normal people… we are not Grand Slam winners neither top ten in the world… even then… we can say to you that tennis has giving us a better more meaningful life! Join us in this journey!

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The passion comes from being grateful. We know we are very fortunate people. Tennis has taken us through a journey that we would have never dreamt of as kids. We know how similar tennis and life are and that people can overcome life obstacles, become better human beings, travel the world, meet amazing people and much more. We are so thankful to tennis that we want to provide other people the same opportunities that were provided for us. It is time to give back!