BASE FIT is where the hard work outside the tennis courts happens. This is where our players get faster, stronger and stay healthy and ready to perform on court. 

Our trainers work happily with young athletes as well as adults, from beginners to performance players. The goal is to challenge and support our athletes so they can develop the skills, endurance and power they need to be able to play at their best. Athletes are supervised individually in all aspects of their training. Successful training is always a combination of discipline, motivation and fun. 

BASE FIT has specially designed training for all types of athletes. Because of our own fitness area, the Moorsbergstadion, close to the centre and the forests we have many possibilities to offer various training options.

BASE FIT Collage


•Loss weight and diet

•Correction of posture weaknesses

•Compensation work out for different sports

•Improvement of physical skills

Success stories:

• Continuous work with youth teams from TC Rot Weiss in Höhr-Grenzhausen since 2013

• Cooperation with TuS Koblenz (youth) since 2013

• Long-term improvement in school sports

• Longtime support for the performance players